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Elev8 Kindergarten Flexible for Families

SD8 has begun dispatching learning crates to young students and their families

The first day of kindergarten is an exciting day for any young student beginning an educational journey that will continue into their teens. Now BC families can accompany their children to kindergarten no matter where they live, work or travel, and students can learn at a pace and rhythm that completely suits their needs. 

The Elev8 Kindergarten program provides full access to a 10-month kindergarten program guided by a BC certified kindergarten teacher who facilitates early literacy, numeracy, and social and emotional skills through projects, place-based learning, and student inquiry grounded in play. The blended paper-based and online program is now open for registration through the new School District No. 8 (Kootenay Lake) Provincial Online Learning School.

“Elev8 Kindergarten is a wonderful way for our district to respond to the educational needs of children while reflecting a changing world where hybrid and online learning is available to young learners and families who are starting their journey toward a child’s high school graduation,” said District Principal Rob Simpson who oversees the Elev8 program. 

“Each early learner arrives in kindergarten at a different stage of intellectual, social and emotional development. Many children are completely ready to join their peers in a school setting at four- or five-years-old, while others benefit from remaining within the family setting and following a highly individualized learning plan,” said District Principal Naomi Ross, who oversees early years learning in SD8. 

Elev8 Kindergarten is also for families across the province who may find themselves needing more flexibility in their child’s schooling due to work schedules, travel plans or other family needs, or who simply wish to take on a larger role in their child’s early education.

Each student who enrolls in Elev8 Kindergarten receives a resource crate (the Elev8 Crate) containing books, games, learning aids, toys for learning through play, notebooks, pens and other tools they would find in a kindergarten classroom. Families also qualify for a $600 student learning fund for supplementary materials and activities to enhance early learning.

Families have access to online materials and a provincially standardized educational platform for submitting files, images, videos or other evidence of learning to their kindergarten teacher. Students, with support from their parents, will create and curate a portfolio of learning artifacts that will follow them through their years in the Elev8 program. 

Dedicated, caring kindergarten teachers are committed to ensuring a positive learning experience for the child who, along with their family, engage in activities and experiences that follow the BC kindergarten curriculum. The teacher provides continual feedback, advice, and support to the family and their child throughout the 10-month program. 

Registration for the Elev8 Kindergarten program for the upcoming 2023-2024 school year is available on the Elev8 website. Your child must be 5 years old by December 31st of this year to be eligible to register.

For more information, visit the Elev8 website or call 1.800.663.4614.